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nature’s soul

Whispering reeds: Frisky Morning

Morning light, playfully washed the night away ‘Frisky morning’ is a photo in the series ‘Whispering reeds‘, part of the gallery ‘Untouched land‘. I made this photo early in the […]

Touching The Sky

Exhausted waves collapse without touching the clear blue sky ‘Touching The Sky’ is a new photo in the series ‘Dreams land on distant shores‘, part of the gallery ‘Eternal sea‘. […]

Photography Holiday Croatia 2021

How about a week of vacation in Croatia, October 2021? And how about learning how to make abstract realistic and impressionistic fine art photos? Interested? Then read this post… Join […]

MJR Gallery: Final Sunset

Slowly the sun descends to the horizon,  colors the sea and the sky for the last time this day.  A finale like never before seen,  which can only be surpassed […]