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modern art

Still Rooms Changing

Are you trapped in the house by a Lock Down? Or are you at home a lot because you work from home and/or your children are not allowed to go […]

The Language of Sea and Sky

I love the sea and the sky above it. Two infinite robes, embracing the earth, in an eternal conversation. They are a mirror of each other’s soul and usually need […]

Whispering reeds: Fading dream

The land awakens in the cold silence of a slowly fading dream ‘Fading dream’ is a photo in the series ‘Whispering reeds’, part of the gallery ‘Untouched land‘. I made […]

Still rooms changing

…I’ll take you where time doesn’t make sense I’ll take you on the endless road… Still Rooms Changing is a unique audiovisual experience created by Raffaele Di Micco, based on […]