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MJR Gallery: Final Sunset

Slowly the sun descends to the horizon,  colors the sea and the sky for the last time this day.  A finale like never before seen,  which can only be surpassed […]

MJR Gallery: Ready To Bloom

A flower, ready for the morning sun, to unfold and bloom Tiny wild flowers, two of them already fading, one waiting to explode in beautiful colors… ‘Ready To Bloom’ is […]

Secret places: Rustling Light

The sun rustles through the reeds, the wind listens breathlessly A calm morning, the light of the early morning sun touches the reeds and seems to make it rustle softly… […]

Floral souls: Lavender fusion

The flowers move slowly, colors and scents mingle The senses of summer A warm summer day. Colors, scents and sounds blend into a slow rhythm that undulates over the land. […]

Stray birds: Soulmates

In the rhythm of our wings we breathe ‘Soulmates’ is a photo in the gallery ‘Stray birds’. Click on the image to see the series   Photos on this website […]