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Lost cities

Lost cities: Mirrored desires

A shopping center, screaming billboards and exuberant shop windows. Are these the mirrors of our desires? Or are our desires the mirrors of advertising? I think it’s often the last […]

Lost cities: Into darkness

Lonely wanderer – into darkness travel enticing curls of light I’m wandering through the vast deserted dunes at Lodbjerg. It is getting dark fast now, a cold wind makes me […]

Lost cities: Awakening

Early in the morning, the beautiful medieval village of Corenno Plinio on Lake Como awakens. Narrow streets, old worn stairs, many buildings with original details and no bars, restaurants or […]

Lost cities: Corteo

It’s raining color – Dancing in a procession, dissolve in music It is busy in the city. Thousands of spectators stand by the side of the road to watch the […]

Lost cities: Faint memories

Walking through the streets of an old city, I feel the bustling activity that has taken place for centuries. Often these old neighborhoods are still vibrant and full of life, […]