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impressionist photography

Whispering reeds: Fading dream

The land awakens in the cold silence of a slowly fading dream ‘Fading dream’ is a photo in the series ‘Whispering reeds’, part of the gallery ‘Untouched land‘. I made […]

Flitting Into The Light

A plant of which I have made several series of minimalistic photos is the giant hogweed. The seed pods of the faded plant look like spaceships, ready to disappear into […]

Lost cities: Into Darkness

Lonely wanderer – into darkness travel enticing curls of light I’m wandering through the vast deserted dunes at Lodbjerg. It is getting dark fast now, a cold wind makes me […]

Almost Ready For Independence

A very special series is that of faded flowers of the Helleborus Niger. Photographed in the summer, the ‘Christmas rose’ is almost ready to release its seeds for an independent […]

Stray birds: Soulmates

In the rhythm of our wings we breathe ‘Soulmates’ is a photo in the gallery ‘Stray birds’. Click on the image to see the series   Photos on this website […]

Whispering reeds: Drowned dream

In the awakening of early morning, beneath the moonlight haze, a dream touches the cold sea and drowns ‘Drowned dream’ is a new photo in the series ‘Whispering reeds’, part […]