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impressionist photography

Floral souls: Lavender fusion

The flowers move slowly, colors and scents mingle The senses of summer A warm summer day. Colors, scents and sounds blend into a slow rhythm that undulates over the land. […]


I find the flowers of the honeysuckle enchantingly beautiful. The soft colors, the sensual shapes, the lovely fragrance… Below a small series of three photos. On the page ‘Sensitive Flowers’ […]

Duende: Lines of light

The light dances between the trees, drawing the leaves with thin lines swiftly blown away by the wind. ‘Lines of light’ was one of the first photos with vertical camera […]

Sublimation [1]

Sublimation (phase transition): The transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas state, without passing through the liquid state. [Wikipedia] A plant of which I have made […]

The Birth of a Story

Sometimes a story comes to mind, even before I have made a photo. I then look for an environment, an atmosphere that fits this story. This is how the four-part […]

The Language of Sea and Sky

I love the sea and the sky above it. Two infinite robes, embracing the earth, in an eternal conversation. They are a mirror of each other’s soul and usually need […]

Sketched By Light

A series of photos of flowering branches of different plants and trees, made in nature in the bright sun with only the sky as background. A certain degree of overexposure […]