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abstract art

Where The Green Ants Dream

“You white men are lost. You don’t understand the land. Too many silly questions.Your presence on this earth will come to an end.You have no sense. … Where The Green […]

Touching The Sky (2)

Exhausted wavescollapse after touchingthe clear blue sky The wind gets stronger and pushes the waves to greater heights before they break. ‘Touching … Touching The Sky (2)

Shrouded (2)

Photographing a far too bright sunset two days ago, I suddenly realized that the beauty of light is often determined by how it is filtered, veiled or… Shrouded (2)

New Website

As of November 1st you can see my artworks on this new website! The current website is a bit dated after 5 years, so it’s time for a new look. […]

Shrouded (1)

I’m in love with light, I often say. But when I photographed a sunset the day before yesterday and the sun was shining far too brightly into the lens… Shrouded […]

Whispering reeds: Frisky Morning

Morning light, playfully washed the night away ‘Frisky morning’ is a photo in the series ‘Whispering reeds‘, part of the gallery ‘Untouched land‘. I made this photo early in the […]

Touching The Sky

Exhausted waves collapse without touching the clear blue sky ‘Touching The Sky’ is a new photo in the series ‘Dreams land on distant shores‘, part of the gallery ‘Eternal sea‘. […]