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Mise–en–scènes – Online group exhibition (2016)

I’m participating in an online exhibition of experimental videos. Curator of this exhibition is Cynthia Willett.

It’s the first time she curated an online exhibition like this, so I’m honored to be invited together with 5 other artists.

The website presents an online exhibition of experimental video shorts. The artists who have contributed offer unique blends of original photography, animations, artworks and digital graphics to creatively interpret the theme of narrative, implied in the exhibition title: mise–en–scènes.  Each work is edited to suggest a visual poem, accompanied by an original text.

For my contribution I have chosen a part of the lyrics of ‘Day is Done’ by Nick Drake. The images I have selected are ‘intentional camera movement’ photos of sunsets. All photos I used are made in the northwest of Denmark.

You can see all the works on this website: mise-en-scènes





My video in HD: Day is Done

Day is Done

When the day is done

Down to earth then sinks the sun

Along with everything that was lost and won

When the day is done.

From the song ‘Day is done’ by Nick Drake, from his album ‘Five leaves left’, 1969


‘Down for the Day’ by Jon Wheeler of Petal, from his album ‘The Last Season’, 2009
Published by Earth Mantra Netlabel under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license


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